What Are Pheromones and Do They Really Work Effectively?

Do Pheromones Really Work? Pheromones have been known to work and are scientifically proven to do so very effectively when in contact with other humans. Human pheromones play a very important role in the attraction of others.

This includes intimacy, affection, attention and an enhanced desire for the opposite sex due to the inhalation of pheromones in the nostrils. This effective tactic allows the couple to enjoy a better intimate experience as well as increase the level of affection that they have for one another.

Some of the common experiences associated with pheromones include an increase in affection, caressing, touching, eye contact, sexual desires, and sexual emotions, to name a few. Pheromones attract the opposite sex in ways that may seem quite invisible to the eye. Learn more at http://pheromones-work.weebly.com

The popularity of Human Pheromones

Although this method has been scientifically proven to work effectively, most people still seem doubtful on its full effectiveness. Rest assured that the pheromones shown on this website have been proven to work to fully enhance the opposite sex in attraction and anything involving the aspects of love and intimacy.

The popularity of human pheromones have increased significantly and their uses have made a tremendous impact on the lives of people pursuing that extra attention and affection, anywhere they go. Pheromones attract in ways that inhibit the truest sexual desires in couples most effectively and each and every time the opportunity presents itself.

Pheromone Recommendations

The chart below compares Primal Instinct’s Androstenone pheromone concentration to that of the other pheromone products on the market:

The Pheromol Factor

Another amazing product by the famous pheromone researcher Dr. George Dodd. This one in a bottle.

Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate

Imported from the Middle East and also ranked quite high in the scientifically proven Androstenone Pheromone. Very concentrated and guaranteed to get results! Comes in both men’s and women’s formulae.


Realm cologne is the creation of Erox Corp. the first perfume manufacturer to put a pheromone product on the market. Heavily researched. Comes in Men’s and women’s formulae. Smells good! $49.95/ (large)1.7 oz. bottle.